ZAZ Amsterdam

ZAZ Amsterdam offers a wide variety of Interior Upholstery Fabrics. We make your upholstery custom-made in our Atelier, like curtains & other types of windowdressing, furniture, throw pillows for interior & outside, bedspread, table linnen and many more. As we make it in our own Atelier and we have the fabrics on stock our delivery times are fast!

ZAZ Amsterdam distinguishes themselves by personal advise and fully unburden you. For example for window dressing we help you in each step on the way: we advise you in all the materials and colours, do the measuring, ready make production, delivery and the installation.
We are happy to advise and service you

ZAZ offers you

• Personal advise & contact
• Fully unburden
• Wide assortment of fabrics
• All fabrics direct delivery from stock
• Fast delivery because of our own Atelier
• Quality in fabrics, custom-made production, service and installation
• Craftmanship and knowledge of fabrics and its applications
• Creativity

ZAZ Projects

• Residential homes 
• Holiday homes
• Hotels, restaurants, bars
• Boats
• Beachclubs
• Offices
• Schools
• Showroom, stores

ZAZ Custom-make

• Curtains
• Blinds
• Window dressing
• Pillows, interior and exterior
• Bedspread
• Table linen
• Furnishings
and more… Please inform us your requirement.

ZAZ Atelier

ZAZ Amsterdam has its own Atelier where we can make almost everything custom-made for you. Since we make everything ourselves we have fast delivery times. 

ZAZ Amsterdam portfolio

Throw Pillows

Throws Pillows are the perfect interior and exterior accessory. They are not only functional, but give also extra warmth, cosy, and design. ZAZ has a wide variety of fabrics on stock so that there always will be a fabric for you in our assortment. 

We make the pillows custom-made to the size you prefer, with the right fabric and finishing touch like special piping; a specialty of ZAZ. We make them for interior purposes, like for on your sofa or a bench in your childs room or a bench at your diner table, or in your windowsill, etc. But also for exterior, like garden chairs & sofa, or for in your boat. We can advise you in the right choice.


With Blinds you manage your daylight in and easy manner. We have a wide variety in widths, colors and operating systems. You can use the blinds in any room, even bathroom. We make customise them for you. We advise you in your choice, and we can provide you with the measuring, delivery and installation service, by our own experienced installation team. 


Curtains are indispensable in every surrounding with windows. They really give the finishing touch in your home or other area. 

ZAZ has a very wide variety of all kinds of fabrics. You want a romantic, rural, chique, modern, trendy, cool, boutique or design look? Dim-out for your bedroom, flame retardant? Exclusive or budget? We have it all!

We have the fabrics on stock so we can ready-make them fast in our Atelier. To make the curtain perfect to you required size is craftsmanship. We will advise you every step in making your choice in the look / type of fabric you want and the right materials. We  can give you the service of measuring, customising in our atelier, delivery, installation and after service when needed. Our team of experts have many years experience in all types surroundings where the curtains are installed. We really want to fully unburden you!


Upholstery determines the radiation in a space. This space can get a total new look when you decorate it differently. ZAZ Amsterdam has its own widely oriented collection of fabrics. The big advantage is that we have our own fabrics on stock so that we can delivery it fast to you.

We have a wide variety of all types of fabrics from renowned manufacturers worldwide. With a thorough fabrics plan we filter with you the right choice and make sure we have a balanced whole in materials and colours.  

Window dressing

The window dressing possibilities are almost endless. There is a wide choice in materials and colours. The art is that the crafts man or women will make the right translation of your window dressing wishes.

ZAZ Amsterdam is specialised in window dressing. We do it more than 40 years! We always have personal contact and will visit you for measuring and advising in all the possibilities. Together we make sure that you will make the right choice and help you in each step so that you will be fully unburden!