Portfolio and inspiration van ZAZ Amsterdam

by Sharon van Vessem - Keller

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These colourful, velvet curtains are digital printed. As a result the colors are very bright. The curtains have a molton cotton backing and have a custom-made piping of beads.

ZAZ Amsterdam project Gordijnen Pauw fluweel

Home Amstelveen

In this home in the city of Amstelveen the curtains and throw pillows are newly furnished by ZAZ. The throw pillows are custom-made with different materials like cotton and velvet, and special piping: the signature of ZAZ Amsterdam!  

ZAZ Amsterdam project woonkamer

ZAZ Amsterdam project badhoevedorp

Roman Blinds 

The conservatory of this house is dressed with a combination of electric controlled roman blinds and show curtains, all of washed linen. Funny detail: the next door neighbours liked it so much that we got the assignment to also decorate their house.

ZAZ Amsterdam project badkamer

Bathroom Blinds

In this beautiful bathroom there has been chosen for customised aluminum blinds. By using blinds you create enough privacy while retaining daylight. A perfect solution for a bathroom. The blinds are also available in wood material.  

ZAZ Amsterdam project banken
ZAZ Amsterdam project slaapkamer

Bedroom Prinsengracht

The roman blinds are made of taft with a dim out backing for a good nigh sleep. Also ZAZ designed and custimised the bedspread, combined with the different throw pillows on the bed made of taft and velvet. All to get the total hotelroom feeling in your own home. 

ZAZ Amsterdam project Haarlem winkel

Store in Haarlem

ZAZ made the curtains of a luxury dressing room in a store in the city of Haarlem. We have chosen for a linen fabric with a structure and a smooth backing of cotton. The curtains do not have a stiff drop but give the feeling to be in motion. 

ZAZ Amsterdam project Haarlem winkel

Children Bedroom

In this bedroom of a girl we used Pink linnenlook curtains with dim-out backing. ZAZ offers a wide range of all kinds of plain and print curtains for children and teenager rooms. 

ZAZ @ Masters of LXRY exhibition 

ZAZ made the in-between linen and velvet curtains with satin backing and leather piping for a designers stand. The curtains were customised to a height of 5 meters and installed by the ZAZ installation team. This design was also used for the prestigious residential project Carre van Bloemendaal. 


ZAZ masters of LXRY 2015
ZAZ masters of LXRY 2015

Classic Home 

In this house the wish was to create a classic, romantic look to one of the rooms. ZAZ furnished the chair with a striped cotton, and the back with a black velour for chique radiation. The flower print curtains made of linen cotton gives the finishing touch. 

ZAZ Amsterdam project haarlem

ZAZ Amsterdam project theater amsterdam

Theater Amsterdam

Theater Amsterdam used the expertise of ZAZ in the field of fabrics and materials for all their furnishings. All fabrics are carefully selected so that it all matches to a radiostation which suits the Theater.

ZAZ Amsterdam project theater amsterdam

Holiday home South of France

The windows of the room are dressed with wooden blinds. The throw pillows on the sofa are custom-made with striped satin. Together the room gets a sleek design and at the same time a calm appearance. 

ZAZ Amsterdam project room with a view

XL Curtains

The XL curtains are customised for a mansion with heigh ceilings in the city of Laren. ZAZ is specialist in customising curtains for heigh ceilings. In this case the curtains are hanging on a black rod which gives them a shabby chic look; industrial and yet cosy. 

ZAZ Amsterdam project gordijnen

Other Projects


gordijnen lauriergracht

ZAZ Amsterdam portfolio zuidas

Project Zuidas

The curtains are made by ZAZ of in between linen. By the transparency of the fabrics there is still contact with the outside Zuidas surroundings while inside you have the warm cosy feeling. 

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are essential in creating a certain atmosphere in a space. zijn essentieel bij het creëren van sfeer in een ruimte. Here we used different fabrics and materials. The pillows have velvet piping. 

ZAZ Amsterdam project stapel kussens

Stylish chairs

This stylist chairs is furnished with beautiful turquoise velvet.

ZAZ Amsterdam project stoel groen

Curtains in Bathroom

Give more atmosphere with in between curtains are a room divider in your bathroom

ZAZ Amsterdam project herengracht