Sharon van Vessem-Keller

The inspiring force behind ZAZ Amsterdam is Sharon van Vessem - Keller.

Sharon is the daughter of Rob van Vessem, founder of the famous fabric store in Amsterdam named KNIPHAL. With such a background it was evident that Sharon also would do something in fabrics.

Sharon’s hart beats faster when she works with beautiful fabrics, speciaal prints and amazing interiors. After high school she went to a fabrics Atelier education, and continue in specialising in upholstery of interiors. Over the years she has build up all the essential knowledge and fresh inspiring outlook in working all types of fabrics and its applications. 

Sharon has a broad experience in upholstery in the residential and professional project market. Together with the ZAZ Amsterdam team they furnished many homes, apartments, offices, holiday homes, stores, schools, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Sharon van Vessem - Keller

“We do a lot of different projects with the ZAZ Amsterdam team.
From all kinds of homes and apartments throughout Holland, to cool projects like the curtains of a canal house with very heigh ceilings in Amsterdam, to all the indoor & outdoor throw pillows of a beachclub in Curaçao and the fully furnishing of holiday homes in the south of France.
Next to that we do the upholstery for offices, stores, restaurants, bars and hotels”